UWP – Installing the tools

Installing the tools

To get started, we’ll install Visual Studio Community. This version of Visual studio is completely free and is capable of doing everything we need to publish our first app.
Download Visual Studio Community here.

Features to install

The installation is very straight forward, open the executable you just downloaded and follow the steps until you reach this screen.

Visual Studio Install

What I selected:

  • Visual Studio
  • Windows and Web Development
    • Microsoft Web Developer Tools
    • PowerShell Tools for Visual Studio
    • Silverlight Development Kit
    • Universal Windows App Development Tools
      • Tools and Windows 10 SDK
      • + all Windows 10 SDK versions
    • Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.0/8.1 Tools
      • Tools and Windows SDKs

Visual Studio Blend comes bundled with Visual Studio.

Note: I do not use the emulator but test on devices, if you won’t test on a device you’ll need to install the emulators as well (also found in the list of install options).

Now you can continue the setup. It can take a while to install everything. That’s it!

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